viernes, 24 de septiembre de 2010

Beyond the energy 054

Genre: Progressive / Trance
Time: 55:15
Quality: 192Kbps

1.Sneijder - Away from here (Arty remix)
2.Audien - Eleven eleven (Tom Fall remix)
3.Wezz Devall - This is your day (Original mix)
4.Jonas Stenberg - Emo dist (Wezz Devall mix)
5.Shogun feat Emma Lock - Imprisoned (Original mix)
6.Gareth Emery feat Lucy Saunders - Sanctuary (Club mix)
7.Breakfast feat Jeannine Hebb - Every night (Original mix)
8.JayB and Sandra Wagner - Desire (Daniel Kandi Classic remix)
9.ReOrder pres Group Number One - A World Of Trance (In Memory Of Love Parade 2010 Victims)
10.DJs United - Remember Love (In Memory Of Love Parade 2010 Victims)

Download: BTE 054 (bassboyz website)

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